ASTREX is the payment industry’s most powerful real-time payments simulator for any Issuer, Acquirer, or Third-Party Processor that wants to test their payment infrastructure host systems.


  • Issuing and Acquiring Host Migration
  • Switch Migration
  • EMV Migration
  • System Evaluation and Benchmarking
  • Certification and Compliance
  • New Technology Deployment
  • New Product Development

Why do you need it?

Change is the only constant in the cards and payments industry. Your payment system must keep up with customer expectations while staying compliant with the latest standards. You need to get more new products to market faster than ever before.

As an Acquirer or Third Party Processor you want to test an acquirer network’s capability to generate correct messaging properly. As an Issuer you want to test an issuer host system’s ability to process authorization messages. A next generation test and validation environment is key to getting ahead of the competition. ASTREX supports you in achieving your test objectives for both acquiring and issuing host systems.

With ASTREX you can independently emulate every payment network scenario and transaction type in an end-to-end simulated environment. This single test environment can be made available to every participant in your product development lifecycle.

ASTREX improves card and payments product quality and eliminates costs. It reduces delivery risk while also increasing your speed to market.

What is inside?

ASTREX is the platform for emulating the payments chain. Wherever you are in the payments chain, ASTREX provides all the functions needed to replicate the end-to-end environment.

Issuing and Acquiring Host Migration

Ease the effort in migrating your card management, authorizations, acquiring and terminal management platforms

Switch Migration

Assure migration from evaluation to go-live

EMV Migration

Manage the complexities of migrating to EMV contact and contactless

System Evaluation and Benchmarking

Baseline your payments infrastructure and evaluate new systems using an accurate test environment

Certification and Compliance

First time certification and on-going compliance with better test coverage and more efficient testing

New Technology Deployment

Develop and test new protocols, devices, payment types and methods independently of your production environment

New Product Development

Increase the speed and quality of new product delivery by making testing available throughout your product development lifecycle.




ASTREX has received accreditation by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club and American Express


High Performance Architecture

  • The fastest payment simulation engine in the market: powered by an industry-strength payments switch
  • Full internal Card Management System, Transaction Generator, and EMV Level 2 Kernel
  • Market-leading performance uniquely delivered using test transaction instead of complex scripting
  • Simultaneous processing of transactions at production speed
  • Protocol independent architecture for concurrent multi-protocol processing

Payment Systems Audit and Analysis

  • Comprehensive audit and diagnostic reporting
  • Detailed transaction analysis and logging
  • Generate test cases from production data
  • Baseline you payment infrastructure

Enterprise Deployment

  • Unified test environment available across your business
  • Familiar workspace for development, analyst, and testing staff
  • Easy-to-use transaction builder to create test cases without scripts or coding expertise
  • Access for vendors and integrators
  • Deployable as a production acquiring switch

Standards and Compliance

  • 80+ international and domestics message protocols
  • Full card scheme roadmap support
  • Card and terminal device emulation


  • Supports over 80 protocols
  • Supports multiple connections on a single instance
  • Supports enterprise, distributed deployment
  • Has a built-in cryptographic engine
  • Support for EMV processing including: M/Chip, VSDC, AEIPS, DPAS and UnionPay
  • Supports magstripe, contact chip and contactless
  • Support MOTO and e-Commerce
  • Supports network interface testing
  • Supports device testing
  • Supports device simulationCan work in send and receive mode
  • Has a robust, production-ready ISO 8583 engine
  • Can take physical cards as input
  • Supports SDA, DDA, CDA, fDDA
  • Has a support team with local knowledge
  • Is qualified by all the major payment associations
  • Has been customized for the South African market
  • Supports high-volume stress-testing
  • Supports clearing
  • Supports physical contact and contactless card creation
  • Allows easy base lining of payment switch

Key benefits

  • Get new products to your customers faster
  • Improve your competitiveness and reduce customer churn
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of your product development and support
  • Replicate your production payments environment
  • Make every system change simpler
  • Gain an accessible enterprise-wide environment

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ASTREX is the payment industry’s most powerful real-time payments simulator for any Issuer, Acquirer, or Third-Party Processor that wants to test their payment infrastructure host systems.