UL SmartConnect

Wireless, portable card simulator featuring contact and contactless card/mobile simulation and spying.

UL SmartStripe

An innovative testing device that emulates magstripe cards and takes away the need of any physical test card. The UL SmartStripe makes UL the first test tool vendor to offer a fully automated brand testing of a payment terminal over all three interfaces: contact, contactless and magnetic stripe.

UL EMV Test Card Sets

EMV Test Card Sets to test solutions, demonstrate EMV and contactless transactions to customers and validate the interoperability and performance of payment systems

UL SmartWave Box

The UL SmartWave Box is the solution for testing contactless cards. It reads and simulates contactless smart cards and e-Identification documents. It also analyzes the communication between a contactless card and terminal.

UL SmartLink Box

Hardware for testing smart cards and terminals. It can be used for testing, analyzing, intercepting, and modifying communication signals exchanged between a smart card and a terminal. Additionally, it can be used as a smart card simulator or as a card reader.

UL Light & Sound Detector

Hardware for testing the light and sound emittance from a terminal under test.

UL Contact & Contactless Reader

Chip card reader for both contact and contactless cards.

UL SmartStation

Hardware used by network operators, handset and card manufacturers to debug, develop and test according to the latest standards. It enables you to simulate a card or mobile phone, or to spy the communication between the two based on ISO7816. Non-intrusive Spying - offers a real window on the interface between handset and card.

UL ID-1 Extender

Hardware device that can be used to extend the reach of the contact probe of the UL SmartConnect or UL SmartLink Box.

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