Payment Cards and UICCs

UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool

The solution to check correct personalization of EMV cards, covering all major payment schemes for contact or contactless cards and mobile applications.

UL Card Simulator

The most complete card simulation tool to test the correct processing of payment transactions on payment devices.

UL Card Spy

Capture and analyze the communication and measurement of the performance between a smart card (contact and contactless) and a terminal - both ATM and POS terminals.

UL Mobile Card Test Platform

The platform for testing applications on a UICC: the behavior, the data stored in files and the protocol handling.

UL Mobile Card Profile Tester

Compare a real (U)SIM profile against a predefined profile and generate a report showing differences in the file system and card characteristics.

UL Payment Card Functional Test Suites

Test payment card implementations based on specifications from the major payment schemes.

UL GlobalPlatform Compliance Test Suites

The best and most comprehensive solution to test your UICC or payment cards according to GlobalPlatform’s test specifications and qualification program.

UL EMV Personalization Validation Tool for Production

Performs a fast check on a sample card's personalization, including a template check, when it physically comes out of the personalization machine.

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