Payment Terminal

UL Brand Test Tool

The ultimate tool for EMV terminal brand certification for Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover/Diners Club, UnionPay, JCB and many other.

UL Mobile Payments Module

A module for the UL Brand Test Tool to test whether your terminals can securely and successfully accept payments through mobile wallets

UL ATM Certification Module

A module for the UL Brand Test Tool to test ATMs equipped with motorized readers.

UL Integrated Test Automation Module

Create a fully automated payment terminal test environment combining the power of the qualified UL Brand Test Tool with your proprietary test automation environment.

UL Brand Test Tool for UnionPay

Validate the configuration of your EMV terminals and tests acceptance of UnionPay EMV cards – both contact and contactless.

UL Card Simulator

The most complete card simulation tool to test the correct processing of payment transactions on payment devices.

Visa payWave Test Tool

The official Visa Europe test tool to test contactless payment devices for Visa payWave acceptance.

UL EMV Test Card Sets

EMV Test Card Sets to test solutions, demonstrate EMV and contactless transactions to customers and validate the interoperability and performance of payment systems

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